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30 minutes after obtaining it, he loses his license!

30 minutes after obtaining the Holy Grail, this Isère driver loses his brand new driver’s license in a drug control …

The famous driving license, this little piece of paper synonymous with freedom which requires a good number of hours of schooling. Sadly, it’s as easy to lose as it is hard to get. Many are the unusual stories of drivers who are withdrawn after a deviation from the rules of the road. But this time, this young man couldn’t really savor his sesame for long..

Cocaine and cannabis

30 small minutes, this is the time that took him to lose it, maybe a record in France. After driving alone for the first time, police test positive for cocaine and cannabis. And hop ! No more permits, and the receipt of a penal order compelling him to pay a fine of 600 euros as a bonus! The icing on the cake, he will have to retake his exam. There are days, when it doesn’t want, it doesn’t …

To the best of my mind …

Remember that in 2019, 23% of people who died on the roads were killed in an accident involving a driver under the influence of drugs. Or more than 700 victims. A danger that is not to be taken lightly. In addition, it is not because we no longer feel the effects that the drug is no longer present in the body. Traces detectable during a police check may remain even several days after taking the narcotic! To the best of my mind …

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