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Do not say “autonomous vehicle”, but “automated driving”

It’s all a question of semantics: according to experts, we should rather speak of “automated driving vehicle” than of “autonomous vehicle”.

The phenomenon was made popular by Tesla: by calling its semi-autonomous driving system “Autopilot”, the Californian firm has led its customers to believe that its cars can drive themselves. And yet, human supervision is always necessary in order to keep control of your vehicle at all times, and to avoid all these tragic accidents which are widely publicized. Semantics are therefore very important in preventing these risky behaviors.

If you did not know, the French government has created a “National Pilot Committee for Digital Ethics”: an assembly linked to the National Consultative Ethics Committee, responsible for “To comprehensively address the ethical issues of digital technology and artificial intelligence” and which is particularly interested in the subjects of conversational agents, the autonomous vehicle, or even medical diagnostics in the age of artificial intelligence.

Automated driving vehicle: to empower drivers?

These digital ethics experts recently published an opinion recommending that we no longer speak of an “autonomous vehicle”, but rather of a “Automated driving vehicle”

so that drivers always feel responsible: “The use of expressions like ‘autonomy’ or ‘delegation of driving’ gives the illusion that the vehicle would make its own decisions and that the users would not have to take care of the driving, and could relinquish responsibilities. related ‘.

Among the various reflections of this Committee, we will also retain that it recommends that the driver of an “automated driving” vehicle be “Released from all liability for accidents caused by the vehicle”. If the method would still have to be defined, the companies responsible for the technical failure that would have caused the accident would then be made responsible: the manufacturer, the equipment manufacturers or the person in charge of the infrastructures.

Source: AFP

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