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Verbalized on the highway for excess … slowness!

Generally, we mean rather the opposite. Here, a motorist had to pay a fine because he was driving too slowly on the highway!

These are often the very big speeding which make the front page in the communication service of the National Gendarmerie.

Very often, these are sports vehicles who are stopped at unreasonable speeds … With on arrival, drivers who see each other withdraw their license immediately.

Too much… of slowness!

Recently, the gendarmes of the Hérault stopped a car on the A75 motorway because it was traveling too slowly. And for good reason, the driver in question was flashed to 48 km/h on the highway ! A speed well below the 80 km / h minimum to be respected in normal traffic conditions.

The gendarmes would have been warned by a motorist witnessing the scene, indicating “that a very slow vehicle was traveling on the expressway”.

No harm to catch up

The police would have had no trouble catching up with the man in question, who was driving in a car without a license. As a reminder, cars without a license and other L6e category vehicles – like mopeds for example – are strictly prohibited on the motorway.

After escorting the driver out of the expressway, the latter was given a simple fine of 22 euros. “No driver is supposed to interfere with the good circulation of other road users without a valid reason,” said the gendarmes on their Facebook page.

The height of luxury, the driver in question was driving in the left lane, lane normally reserved for overtaking. Where we generally drive at a faster pace than on the right lane …

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