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pre-2005 diesels banned on June 1

Starting tomorrow, pre-2005 diesels (Crit’air 4 or more sticker) will be banned within the A86 perimeter.

If your car is equipped with a Crit’air 4 sticker (pre-2005 diesels), beware of unpleasant surprises from tomorrow, June 1, 2021. Indeed, the Low Emission Zone (ZFE) of Greater Paris will increase the tone, by prohibiting all cars fitted with a Crit’air 4 or more sticker on that date. Bad news for thousands of Ile-de-France residents, many of whom have not been made aware of this rule.

However, do not panic: the metropolis of Greater Paris indicates that the controls will be purely “educational”. In any case, the metropolis cannot do otherwise, since there is (yet) no system allowing the automated control of thumbnails. A system on which the State is working, in particular at the request of Paris. First step: the video-verbalization of Crit’air vignettes should be implemented by the end of the year.

A logistical puzzle

In practice, the plan of attack for Paris and its metropolis is complicated by some mayors who refuse to apply the system. In theory, all the municipalities concentrated in the perimeter defined by the A86 are concerned, but only 67 of the 79 towns that make up this territory have joined the ZFE. A logistical headache, as much for the inhabitants, for whom it is difficult to navigate, as for the administration, which must rely on signatures from the mayors to be able to verbalize the thumbnails ” outlaw “.

In all cases, motorists are under pressure to change car, and not only in the Paris region: from 2025, all agglomerations of 150,000 inhabitants or more will be concerned. And the schedule is aggressive : from 2022, Crit’air 3 stickers (pre-2010 diesels, pre-2005 gasolines) will be banned in the Paris region, then Crit’air 2 in 2024 (all diesels, gasolines from before 2010), with the focus on the total ban on thermal energy in 2030.

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