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a magnificent refurbished Ferrari F8!

If you find your Ferrari F8 Tributo a little too ordinary, you can now have it re-bodied as a Touring Superleggera Arese RH95!

Along with Zagato and Pininfarina, Touring Superleggera is one of the last large bodybuilders Italians still active. And in recent years, the workshop has worked to modify sportswomen to give them custom made dresses highly valued : we think in particular of the Disco Volante based on Alfa Romeo 8C, or theAero 3, spectacular creation based on Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

And to celebrate its 95th anniversary, Touring is giving itself a nice gift: theArese RH95. From the name of the street occupied by Touring (Via Arese, in Milan), and the initials of the first sponsor (RH), this berlinetta also becomes the first mid-rear engine car of the history of the bodybuilder. Under the new carbon lines, we recognize the Ferrari F8 Tributo: the technical sheet of the Arese also indicates a power maintained at 720 hp, even if the bodybuilder does not mention the Prancing Horse, but “a well-known supercar” .

A 100% unique carbon body

And for a first try, it’s a success! The Ferrari wins beautiful curves, fully manufactured carbon

, and above all a spectacular one-piece rear hood. A central air intake goes up to the roof. For even more show, the doors now open in the elytron. The large rectangular exhausts and the front are reminiscent of the Aero 3.

To ride in this new-looking supercar, you will first need get a Ferrari F8 Tributo. After which, Touring does not specify the costs, which one imagines vertiginous. But the bodybuilder is kind enough to offer a 2 years warranty for parts modified by the workshop, and unlimited spare parts availability over time.

Each Arese RH95 Touring takes about 6 months to produce, and 3 copies are already ready. The first is green, the second red and white (a tribute to the racing Alfa Romeos of the 1960s), while the third has an orange and blue Gulf-style livery.

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