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How to crash your Porsche 911 in a start

The owner of this Porsche 911 probably had a little heavy foot on this acceleration …

The scene is filmed at the exit of a car rally in Paramus, New Jersey, USA.

As is often the case with motorists who leave this type of event, the driver of this Porsche 911 certainly felt the need to put on a show in front of the few spectators on the stage. He actually put on a show but probably not in the best way …

Loss of control with a right kick

While the driver is waiting to enter the highway, the driver activates the launch control to make a great start on the fast lane.

Once off with a bang, after having screeched his rear tires for a long time, we can see the latter steer to the right with a one-handed steering wheel, then try to correct the situation by counter-steering. But it’s too late, the car ends up slipping off the road and crashing into a barrier.

Even if the car does not appear to have suffered much damage, the driver must feel stupid in the face of the situation!

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