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nearly 1000 km of autonomy!

The Tesla Cybertruck is long overdue and the information is arriving very slowly … Recently some information on its autonomy has surfaced!

The Tesla Cybertruck has been waiting for nearly a year and a half already… Presented in late 2019 in Los Angeles, it caused a sensation with its innovative design and angular lines.

A pickup that knows how to talk about it

Already a victim of its success with over a million bookings already recorded, the pick-up is getting a lot of attention. We even recently saw its creator, Elon Musk, at the wheel visiting the construction site of a Gigafactory in Texas.

Recently, Internet users have managed to get their hands on official documents, with many features available as information. In particular the probable future autonomy of the Tesla Cybertruck.

A colossal 200 kWh battery

On documents found on the web, this is the value of 610 miles which caused a sensation. If we convert this into kilometers, this gives a range of nearly 980 km !

With an autonomy initially announced at more than 800 km by the brand, this corresponds to almost 20% more, which is not negligible.

To achieve such a level of autonomy, the Cybertruck would thus be equipped the latest generations of the brand’s battery cells, which should correspond to almost 200 kWh. Only the top-of-the-range version of the utility, equipped with three engines, should be entitled to this level of autonomy.

Source : Electrek

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