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this Porsche has over 400,000 km!

This Porsche 944 is a great little sports car. Its atmospheric 4-cylinder located at the front sends its 211 hp to the rear wheels thanks to a manual gearbox! A car that has given a ton of pleasure during the 400,000 km it has covered!

This is not the first car to have driven kilometers that we present to you, nor even the first Porsche! But this 944 is worth the trip, believe us. Admittedly, it is not the most popular model of the German manufacturer, but it nevertheless has something to convince.

944 S2

This is one of the latest models. Produced at the end of the 80s, it is equipped with a 4 cylinder 16 valves of 2.990 cm³ and 211 hp! It cuts the 0 to 100 in less than 5 seconds, a figure that is still respectable today. The 944 is a real pleasure car with a front engine that sends its power to a playful rear end thanks to a superb manual gearbox! The location of this block gives it a larger trunk than that of a 911 which is hidden under an imposing and practical tailgate.

A few details on the outside …

After so many kilometers, it was to be suspected, it is not perfect either. First, its rims are not original. They come from a more recent generation of Boxster. Fortunately, they blend well with the overall design of the car. Then there are the side skirts and the front fenders which have been modified to give it a slightly more aggressive look. We like it or we don’t like it, it’s up to you.

A surprisingly well-preserved interior!

Where she really does not look her age is inside where everything is in perfect condition! Even the seats, which are however one of the first elements that suffer, by dint of getting in and out of the vehicle, are impeccable.. This English copy is priced at £ 7,995 or approximately € 9,300. A case ? Hard to say with so many terminals on the meter, but it must still be very fun to drive!

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