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Tony Hawk rides for the EQT concept

Mercedes has offered the services of the famous American skateboarder Tony Hawk to promote the EQT concept, a 100% electric version of the future T-Class MPV.

At the beginning of May, Mercedes unveiled the EQT, a concept very close to the series which announced the 100% electric variant of the future Class T MPV, star cousin of the new Renault Kangoo. On the menu: a sleek but premium design, a spacious interior (for 7 people) and high tech, and therefore a zero-emission engine.

A month later, the firm with the star puts this EQT back on the front of the stage by offering it an ambassador of choice : the famous American skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk tests EQT’s electric and futuristic longboard

Why Tony Hawk? Quite simply because as a concept, the EQT pours into originality by concealing within it … an electric longboard. A futuristic aluminum skate, baptized eLongboard, is indeed integrated in a special compartment located in the boot floor. The icing on the cake, this atypical space allows you to store the eLongboard but also to recharge it.

It is therefore natural that the Californian champion was chosen to test this 2.0 skateboard. In promotional video, we see him walk the streets of a city and impress a few passers-by, before reaching a garage housing the EQT concept. Tony Hawk then returns to his skatepark at the wheel of his new electric compact van. Something to seduce all board sports fans, even if there is little chance of finding this board in the production version of the EQT …

Notice to enthusiasts, the launch of the 100% electric version of the T-Class is expected in 2022 …

In the meantime, discover Tony Hawk and the Mercedes EQT concept in video.

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