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at the red light, he gets stamped by the police!

Were the police officers in this vehicle distracted? No one knows it, but the fact remains that they entered for no apparent reason in the car of a poor motorist who had not asked for anything.

The video begins in a classic way. A biker, then stopped at a traffic light, offers the motorist next to him to race. A practice that is nothing new, this type of publication abounds in the four corners of the net. The small problem is that a police car is precisely to their right, ready to turn..

A surprise in the background

While the two protagonists are expected to take off after the police have left and the light turns green, it is an entirely different event that occurs. ! Have you noticed the car in front of the police officers taking a long time to fit into traffic?

It seems that this driver is not quite comfortable behind the wheel.

But why is that?

Was it because it was taking too long, or simply because the police paid more attention to the rider and the motorist? Still, the officers start as if nothing has happened and run into the vehicle just in front of them.. An accident to say the least unusual that the biker seems proud to have filmed!

Check out the video of the accident below:

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