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Lamborghini Sian: a real-size Lego version!

This scale 1 replica of the Lamborghini Sian is made up of 400,000 Lego pieces!

Fan of Lego and Lamborghini? Good news, the two brands have decided to collaborate on a very special model : a replica of the Sian supercar in Lego … But at full size !

This is not the first time that Lego has decided to build full-size cars: we especially remember a Bugatti Chiron recently, or a McLaren Senna GTR. To carry out these extraordinary projects, Lego calls on a specialized workshop, located in the Czech Republic.

400,000 Lego pieces!

And for this Lamborghini Sian, the studio of Kladno and innovations. 400,000 pieces from Lego Technic were used in the making of the Sian. The body consists of hexagonal pieces created especially for the occasion. Lego wanted to pay homage to the motif used by Lamborghini in its models recently.

Once assembled, the body was painted by the official Lamborghini workshop, to protect plastic parts from UV rays, and ensure a finish that matches the Italian brand. The optics and taillights have been reproduced using Lego parts, and light up like the real one. The interior is also faithful to the original.

In total, it took the Lego teams 8,660 hours of work to perfect this scale 1 Lamborghini Sian. With nearly half a million parts, it weighs heavier than the real one: 2 200 kg !

And if you haven’t been able to afford one of the 63 Lamborghini Sians produced (at a price of 2 million euros each…), but you don’t have room to accommodate this great toy in your living room, no panic: Lego already offers a 1/8 scale modelth, for 380 €. Not cheap, but we dare not imagine the price of this full-size Sian …

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