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the license will be suspended, the car confiscated

To fight against the refusal to comply, Jean Castex wants to automate the suspension of the license, the confiscation of the car, and double the penalties.

According to Prime Minister Jean Castex, there are in France “ a refusal to comply every 30 minutes “. And at a time when the executive seeks to appease the police unions, especially after the murder of Eric Masson, fighting this practice is a concrete gesture. The Prime Minister therefore announced the strengthening of the sanctions linked to the refusal to comply.

Today, refusing to follow the orders of a police officer (during a control for example), is an offense, punishable byone year in prison and a € 7,500 fine. The Prime Minister wants to double the prison sentence and increase the fine, although the final amount has not yet been specified.

A fight against unlicensed drivers

Above all, Jean Castex announced that the license of the drivers guilty of this refusal to comply would now be automatically suspended. At present, the offense is only punished by a withdrawal of 6 points. And to crack down on those who decide to drive without a license, the Prime Minister specifies that the vehicles will now be confiscated.

An obvious turn of the screw, therefore, against those who do not obey the demands of the police. Once this measure has been taken, it will be necessary to wait a few months to verify its real effectiveness in the field.

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