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the old ones will be able to waive the Crit’Air sticker

Owners of old cars will finally be able to drive in the ZFE of Grand Paris, even without a Crit’Air sticker.

While Greater Paris has just banned pre-2005 diesels from circulating in the Paris region, the fate of old cars is finally fixed. The associations of vintage car owners, led by the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles (FFVE), were fighting to obtain an exemption from the Crit’Air thumbnails set up in Low Emission Zones (ZFE).

According to the FFVE, old cars only represent 0.5% of cars rolling in these metropolises. Above all, they cover 15 times fewer kilometers than the average. Normal: cars passed in gray card collection Home-work or professional journeys are often prohibited, which represent the vast majority of journeys in these large metropolises. To prohibit them would therefore be disproportionate.

The gray card collection as a pass

And the old school fans ended up winning their case. On May 28, 2021, a municipal decree has been signed authorizing the circulation to vehicles with a gray collection card (from before 1992 therefore), and to the old ones used within the framework of a tourist activity. We think in particular of the Citroën 2CV which the tour of Paris to tourists. These old cars will therefore be able to continue to circulate every day, whatever the hour.

On the other hand, the derogation only applies to the Metropolis of Greater Paris. The associations will therefore have to continue to negotiate with the ten or so other EPZs in order to put in place similar measures.

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