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when a car loses … against a bicycle!

An unusual race to say the least which most certainly pits one of the smallest cars in the world against… a bicycle ?! She may be tiny, but the result will be final, right?

To fully appreciate this race, let’s first get to know the two opponents.

In the blue corner, representing the two-wheeler team, we have a cyclist and his road bike. The latter, thanks to its thin wheels, is designed for speed! According to the producers of the video, this amateur sportsman can produce a respectable power of 1.6 hp thanks to his good pedal stroke..

Not a car; a quadricycle!

In the red corner, representing the 4 wheels team, we find a Bajaj Qute. Usually, the Indian brand produces motorcycles but this small car is also offered in its catalog. Technically, it responds more to the name of “quadricycle”, because it is equipped with a mini engine of 216 cm³ delivering a power of 10.8 hp.. That is to say almost 7 times more than that of the cyclist! Wouldn’t that be an easy victory looming in the distance?

A crushing victory

The small downside is that all the seats in this duel are occupied. Obviously, the cyclist is alone in his saddle, but, in the Bajaj, 4 passengers are seated! This represents a considerable additional weight! When the start is given, the unthinkable happens, the bike puts down the little car which will never be able to catch up.. This hilarious race proves one thing: it is better not to be in a hurry behind the wheel of a Bajaj Qute… Even if you start on time!

Discover the video of this race between the Bajaj and our cyclist of the day below:

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