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Peugeot indicted in France

After Renault and Volkswagen, Peugeot was indicted in France for deception in the context of the Dieselgate affair.

One more. After Renault and Volkswagen a third builder has just been my in exam in France as part of the Dieselgate : Peugeot ! The French manufacturer is also accused of rigging certain diesel engines to deceive the tests on polluting emissions.

Indictment for deception

“In the context of judicial inquiries opened in 2016 and 2017 concerning several car manufacturers, Automobiles Peugeot SA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stellantis NV, was indicted today by the investigating magistrates because of allegations of facts deception relating to the sale of Euro 5 diesel vehicles in France between 2009 and 2015. ”Stellantis announced in a press release. According to investigators, 1.9 million vehicles would be affected.

A judicial source confirmed the indictment of Peugeot for ” deception endangering human or animal health ‘

Like Renault and Volkswagen, and as is often the case with an indictment, Peugeot was ordered “to deposit in an amount of 10 million euros (including 8 million euros for the possible payment of damages and fines and 2 million to ensure the representation of the company in court) and the provision of a bank guarantee to first request for 30 million euros to compensate for possible damages. “, Detailed the firm.

Peugeot is “in the process of evaluating the regularity of this measure and the advisability of contesting it”, also warned Stellantis in its press release.

Citroën and Fiat-Chrysler, next on the list?

Waiting, this series of indictments could continue and concern new manufacturers in the days or weeks to come. “Two other subsidiaries of Stellantis, Automobiles Citroën SA and FCA Italy SpA., Will be heard by the investigating magistrates, respectively on June 10 and July, within the framework of the same judicial investigation”, indeed indicated Stellantis.

“Our subsidiaries firmly believe that their emission control systems met all the requirements applicable then and continue to meet them today, and they look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate it. Added the group. To be continued in the next episode…

Source: AFP

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