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Black boxes: who will have access?

Earlier this year, the European Union confirmed the obligation for all new cars sold from 2022 to be equipped with a black box. And immediately, big concern of motorists. The fear is understandable: that of seeing your private life attacked, and of being “coped” at any time in the car. But in practice, it is fortunately less worrying. We take stock of the people who will be able to access this data.

What data collected?

First, it is necessary to specify the nature of the data collected by the black boxes. The term is a bit misleading, as it brings to mind those found in airplanes. But here, there is no question of recording sounds or your conversations on board. The enclosures focus on objective data : speed, pressure on the accelerator or the brake, action of active safety systems (ABS, traction control, etc.), wearing of the seat belt, etc. Above all, any data that can be used to recognize the driver or the owner of the car are strictly prohibited: no question of knowing exactly where the car is, who is on board, what is its VIN (identification number), or even the precise date of the accident.

Black box: what about insurers?

The objective is simple: to allow the authorities to constitute a sample of data to make precise accident statistics. And again, this accidentology will necessarily be incomplete: no consideration of drink driving, … Read more on Autoplus

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