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here is the minibus, heir to the Combi

Volkswagen has unveiled the all-new Multivan, its minibus. With the program, a technical revolution!

Volkswagen Utilities has just presented the all-new Multivan, a high-tech wrapped minibus. This time it differs clearly from the Transporter van, which also serves as the basis for converted vans and the California motorhome. The Multivan, which takes over from the Caravelle, is no longer based on the Transporter, but becomes a model in its own right. Above all, it is evolving widely from the point of view of engines, with for the first time a plug-in hybrid offer.

The Volkswagen Tiguan platform

This modernization is made possible by the adoption of a modified version of the famous MQB platform, used in particular by the Tiguan. And inside, this filiation is obvious: we find the many tactile keys which have flourished across the entire Volkswagen range, including utility vehicles like the Caddy.

A positive point: the handbrake and the management of the gearbox are now buttons on the dashboard, which allowed Volkswagen to remove center console and offer a completely flat floor from front to back. From where a nice impression of space, but especially the possibility of having armchairs in many different configurations.

The instrument cluster is now digital (10.25-inch), with a standard 10-inch center display. There are also many driving aids (34 available in total), including lane keeping and automatic emergency braking, both standard. If you go upmarket, you will also be entitled to semi-autonomous driving or the 360 ​​° rear view camera.

Volkswagen Multivan: what prices?

This Volkswagen Multivan will be available at launch in three engines : a plug-in hybrid of 218 hp, and two petrol engines of 136 hp and 204 hp. A 150 hp diesel will be added to the range in 2022. The Multivan will be available exclusively with the DSG dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

On the look side, the Multivan plays on both retro and modernity. We find the lights and headlights that cross the entire width of the vehicle, as is currently the fashion, and a small textured grille already seen especially on the Volkswagen Caddy. By relying on the body line delimited by the optics, the Multivan also adopts a contrasting biton paint, which is reminiscent of the famous Combi of the 1960s.

As for prices, the current Caravelle 6.1 being available from € 47,250, we can expect to see this new Multivan land just below € 50,000. The plug-in hybrid version should logically be more expensive. If you prefer to go electric, you will have to wait for the launch of the ID Buzz, which should be presented by 2022.

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