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in Justin Bieber’s garage!

The young Canadian singer started his collection of beautiful mechanics at a very young age. His cars, he loves them unique in their kind! Here is a top 3 of his craziest creations.

Become an international star at only 13 years old, Justin Bieber had the opportunity to start his car collection at a very young age! Since his debut, the singer has been able to afford beautiful mechanics such as Porsches, Ferraris or Lamborghinis. But, he especially likes to personalize his vehicles to make them even more unique and luxurious!

Audi R8

When he decided to personalize his cars, Justin Bieber started off nice, like everyone else. Its first generation Audi R8 received new rims before being completely covered in a leopard color! Sure, there aren’t two like that.

Tour bus

Obviously, when you’re a singer, you go on tour to provide concerts. What could be better than being able to move around while retaining all the comforts of home? A lot, a lot of comfort in this case when you discover its huge tour bus!

Custom Rolls-Royce,

Under this bodywork coming straight from the future hides a Rolls-Royce Wraith! There isn’t much left of the luxury English coupe after it passed through the hands of the West Coast Customs customization workshop. It is undoubtedly not the first, nor the last car that the singer will send into their expert hands, but it is certainly one of the most impressive!

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