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Porsche suspected of CO2 manipulation?

Porsche is in the sights for a C02 manipulation case. An investigation is underway.

While the Dieselgate affair has had a considerable impact within the Volkswagen group, it is now the turn of Porsche to be in the sights in a case across the Rhine. In question ? A possible manipulation of the hardware and software of the brand’s older vehicles.

A possible manipulation?

Sports car maker Porsche faces the threat of a recall of thousands of its vehicles. The German Federal Motor Vehicle Authority (KBA) is said to have initiated a formal hearing against the manufacturer in connection with a possible manipulation of the hardware and software of certain models of older vehicles.

Both KBA and Porsche confirmed on Thursday that the proceedings were ongoing. However, neither party commented on the details. The outcome of this case could lead to a recall of the vehicles concerned.

Investigations have been underway for months

The KBA’s investigations would be in progress for months. The subject of the latter: suspected false fuel consumption figures for certain Porsche vehicles. The manufacturer had declared in August 2020 “to have discovered problems” during internal audits and to have reported them to the authorities.

These questions concerned “specific hardware and software components that had been used in the strike measurements.” The measurements carried out in the meantime by the KBA have revealed that the CO2 emissions on the test bench of some models were significantly higher than what the manufacturer had indicated for the type approvals.

Porsche said that “only a few models” and a ” very small number of units Were concerned. The proportion of vehicles affected would be less than 1% of the Porsche fleet. She also said that no official decision has been taken on “any of these vehicles” so far.

Business to follow for the Stuttgart firm!

Source: Automobile Week

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