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Video: this race between two Ford Mustangs goes very badly!

There is a rumor circulating that Mustang drivers tend to be heavy-footed without actually managing their vehicle properly. With the possible consequence, a series of accidents, in particular at the exit of the gatherings. At this point, it’s not really a rumor anymore because there are so many videos of the genre on the internet. Here, the pilots of these two Mustangs seem to know what they are doing, but l’accident which results from this race is all the more impressive!

Old versus new

In this video, we can therefore see two Mustangs competing in a “drag race”, a straight line race. An older model, of 4e generation produced between 1994 and 2006, is opposed to a current vehicle. Obviously, both seem modified and, while the car on the right in the image does not appear to be spinning, the one on the left lacks traction and produces a small cloud of smoke. Could this be the main reason for this accident?

A violent accident

The two cars “tear off” side by side from the line in a cloud of smoke created by the most recent of our two adversaries! Obviously, we expect the worst whenan impressive crowd surrounds the two competitors. But the two Mustangs move away without any problem, until the moment when the most … Read more on Autoplus

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