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Here is Kim Kardashian’s new Lamborghini

In order to promote the new collection of her clothing brand, Kim Kardashian has had her Lamborghini Urus completely covered. The result is surprising to say the least!

Kim Kardashian, TV star, followed by more than 228 million subscribers on social networks, owns, among others, a clothing brand called Swings. She is also the proud owner of numerous vehicles, including a Lamborghini Urus. Recently, the star decided to use her Urus to promote her clothing collection in a very unique way.

Half bull, half sheep

For her new line, the main feature of which is to be in an extra comfortable fabric, the American has decided to cover her SUV in the same way! And the result is surprising to say the least: a mix between a bull and a sheep … The problem is that the front of the Italian has been completely covered, hiding all the air intakes. Not sure that this is very advisable for the engine to work and be cooled properly.

Inside too!

Did you think this crazy treatment was only applied to the bodywork? Think again ! As we can see in these images, the entire interior has undergone the same treatment, from floor to ceiling! Seats, steering wheel, ceiling, dashboard, central console, this “toupee” fabric is everywhere! As for the final result… we’ll let you judge for yourself…

Check out the video of Kim Kardashian’s incredible Lamborghini Urus below:

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