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Toyota aims for carbon neutrality in 2035

The Japanese manufacturer Toyota has announced its ambition to achieve carbon neutrality for its production by 2035!

Toyota wants to see the big picture for the (relatively near) future. The group, which became the world’s leading manufacturer in 2020, wants to achieve carbon neutrality in its production by 2035.

The Japanese manufacturer has revised its ambitions upwards, while the deadline was set for 2050 before this announcement. Other manufacturers have also made similar announcements this year. We remember for example Porsche which fixed the cursor of the zero carbon by 2030 or the Volkswagen group for 2050.

Toyota will invest in green

“Toyota will take up a series of challenges to make its factories carbon neutral by 2035”, said the group’s production manager, Masamichi Okada.

“We are looking to build green factories. Carbon neutrality gives us the opportunity to fundamentally rethink production ”, he added.

Concretely, efforts will be directed, for example, towardsoptimization of painting processes. One of the most energy-intensive jobs in the automotive industry. The company will also develop the use of alternative techniques, such as adhesive films for example.


Even more electric vehicles

Toyota has always been one of the pioneers of hybrid vehicles, as well as vehicles running hydrogen.

But the manufacturer has even more ambition and wants to electrify its range even more. For the sake of ecological labeling, of course, but above all in order to face the competition which is beginning to show itself more and more supplied by other car manufacturers.

Thus, by 2025, the manufacturer plans to market nearly 15 100% electric vehicles. Until then, the goal for Toyota is to sell 80% hybrids and plug-in hybrids, 10% electric and of hydrogen models, and 10% thermals. With such a distribution of sales, the group is taking a clear direction. In line with its ambitions.

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