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when the acceleration of the Nevera worries the police!

The Rimac Nevera is accelerating so hard that local authorities in Croatia are worried, especially after the publication of a video posted on the open road.

The new Rimac Fridge is already talking about her… The hypercar, unveiled in its final version only a few weeks ago, is already causing a sensation on a recent video published on the internet.

Dazzling acceleration

On the images, the accelerations of thehypercar from the Croatian manufacturer seem to come straight out of a science fiction movie.

We see the driver driving on an open road, at nearly 130 km / h. The latter accelerates frankly and crushes the right pedal. In just a few seconds, the car is propelled to nearly 232 km/h, all in a startling silence.

Performance precisely, let’s talk about it. The Rimac has a spec sheet that can make you dizzy, even comparing it to similar hypercars. Indeed, the 0 to 100 is announced in 1.97 seconds. Even more impressive, the 0 to 300 km / h is dispatched in just 9.3 seconds!

In comparison, a Bugatti Chiron Pure Sport, one of the fastest cars in the world, slashes from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.3 seconds and completes the 0 to 300 km / h exercise in over 12 seconds.

The local police are wondering

The footage in the video was filmed on an open road in Croatia, where the hypercar resides. And obviously the police locale noticed this and could only observe the disproportionate speed of the Rimac on this stretch of road.

The car was obviously traveling at a speed much higher than the authorized 90 km / h. It is Mate Rimac in person, the founder and boss of Rimac, who apologized for this dazzling burst of speed. He also specifies that the driver has already contacted the police to explain.

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