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the speedometer of this Honda Civic can no longer follow!

How does a speedometer limited to 180 km / h behave once you exceed that speed? The video answer aboard a powerful Honda Civic!

When modifying a car, there is sometimes a detail that we do not think about: the speedometer! Under the hood, improvements are well underway to increase horsepower, the brakes are generally modified to help stop additional cavalry and the cooling system is also improved to make everything more reliable. But with the extra power, how does the original speedometer behave?

“Limited” to 180

Well ! We have the answer in video ! It should be noted that in Japan, manufacturers are obliged to limit the speed displayed on their speedometer to 180 km / h in order not to encourage drivers to Step on the gas. A speed quickly reached when you are in a Honda Civic considerably modified!

0 km/h !?

600 hp, that’s what this little Japanese girl would develop. The result is quite surprising. Once at 180, the needle does not stop and continues to turn! The car being powerful enough to go well beyond, it ends up returning to its starting point and displaying… 0 km / h!

Discover this unusual video of the speedometer of this Honda which can no longer follow below:

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