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what delivery times?

Faced with the semiconductor crisis, delivery times are getting longer for new cars. Is your future vehicle impacted? We take stock.

Bad luck for the automotive industry. After the Covid-19 crisis which forced the concessions to idle for several months, it is the semiconductor shortage (chips) which now undermines trade since last fall.

Faced with this new crisis, some manufacturers have indeed had to do without various equipment (Peugeot has notably returned to needle counters on its old 308), while other brands have been downright constraints to slow down or even stop certain production lines. Result, delivery times for many new vehicles are getting longer and customers must now take their troubles patiently.

Up to 10 months of waiting for the new electric 500!

This is particularly the case at Fiat where buyers of a new 500 electric must today wait 10 months before they can get behind the wheel of their new toy. That’s 6 months longer than normal!

Several Mercedes models, such as the A-Class and the GLA, are also long overdue. At the usual four months of waiting, it will take at least two additional months. Or 6 months in total. Same case at Volkswagen with the Golf in particular (usually 3 months, more than 2 months today). Same story at Audi where it will take about 9 months (5 + 4) to take possession of a Q3 Sportback.

The French Renault, Peugeot and Citroën are not spared

Obviously, French manufacturers are not spared by the slump. At Renault, it’s 4 months waiting for a Clio (2 + 2) and as much for a Captur (3 + 1), or even 6 months for the Arkana. It is not better at Citroën (4 months for the C4, 2 + 2) and even worse at Peugeot: 4 months for a 208 (3 + 1) and 8 months for a 5008 (3 + 5)! As for the new best-seller on the market, the new Dacia Sandero, expect 9 months to wait. But here, the car is above all a victim of its success …

In any case, to quickly receive the keys to a new vehicle, it is better today to opt for the very latest innovations and electrified models, which meet the CO2 emissions targets of the European Union. and are therefore privileged by the manufacturers. With the obvious exception of the zero-emission 500 …

With Saïda Djerrada

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