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Curfew: Jean Castex announces its lifting!

The government announced new measures today, and moved ahead of the deconfinement schedule.

It’s official ! The government announced a new reduction in health measures today, to everyone’s surprise. On the program, the removal of the wearing of the mask outdoors and the lifting of the general curfew.

What changes tomorrow

It was the Prime Minister himself, Jean Castex, who announced in the morning that wearing a mask would no longer be compulsory outdoors from this Thursday, June 17. A release after more than a year of constraints.

However, wearing a mask remains in effect under the following conditions: ” during gatherings, in crowded places, in queues, in markets, or even stadium stands »He clarified. The rule remains the same in closed places, such as offices and public transport where wearing a mask remains compulsory.

End of Sunday curfew

The prime minister also declared an early end to the curfew. Currently set from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., this would be lifted from this Sunday, June 20 instead of next June 30.

We therefore gain 10 days to enjoy the summer evenings a little more. For several days, many voices had risen to ask to advance the lifting of the curfew with the days that are getting longer. As a reminder, it had been in place since October 17, 2020 in certain parts of the territory, including Ile-de-France.

For you, motorists, you can therefore leave without fear and especially without time limit! The road control vis-à-vis the curfew is no longer, we hope, a distant memory!

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