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Should we still buy a diesel?

Decked out with all the evils, the future of diesel is frankly blackened. Is it always a good idea to buy one? Auto Plus experts provide an update on our show, La Redac.

Since the Dieselgate scandal and the about-face of governments, diesel is no longer popular. Criticized, restricted, less subsidized, sales of this engine plummet. To the point that more and more manufacturers simply no longer offer any. However, on paper, diesel has a lot of advantages. So, do we still have to fall for a diesel ?

To answer, Auto Plus TV brought together three pillars of the editorial staff of Auto Plus, around the presenter Cecile de Ménibus. The opportunity to wring the neck of some received ideas, which often revolve around pollution, fuel savings, or future diesel bans in the famous EPZs.

On paper, diesel has it all

But if we stay rational, diesel is still a very good solution for many French people. Especially if they live outside major cities. These engines now cost less to buy used, consume less, and fuel is slightly cheaper than gasoline. Winner on all points … Until its gradual ban in large cities, Paris in the lead (from 2024).

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