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three new electric models unveiled!

Renault unveils three new 100% electric models: Duo, Bento and Hippo. Dedicated to mobility services, these are the first vehicles of the new Mobilize brand.

The Renault group is stepping up in the electric market. The French manufacturer has just unveiled not 1 but 3 new zero-emission models at once: Duo, Bento and Hippo.

The first models of Mobilize

However, the latter are not intended to join the Zoe and the Twingo within the manufacturer’s electric range. These are in fact the first three models of the Mobilize brand, the group’s new entity launched at the start of the year as part of the Renaulution strategic plan and dedicated to mobility and energy services.

These “modular, robust and 100% electric” vehicles will be “designed for intensive use”, Renault promised last January. They ” will be offered for carsharing and last mile delivery services ”, adds the firm today.

Duo, the new Twizy for carsharing

First of these three new vehicles, Duo is the production version of the EZ-1 prototype which was presented in January. Kind of new twizy, it’s a compact and connected quadricycle designed for 2 people. It will be proposed for the shared mobility (car sharing).

Bento, the utility duo

The second vehicle is named Bento. Developed on the basis of Mobilize Duo, it also has a loading box to allow the transport of small objects, with a total volume that can reach 1 m3. Compact, it “will make it easier for delivery men and craftsmen to access and park in the city center”, explains Renault. Bento will be offered for the delivery or transport of space-saving goods.

Hippo, for the last mile

Finally, Hippo, is a light utility vehicle designed to respond to the problem of delivery in urban and peri-urban areas and in “zero emission” perimeters. Modular, it will offer several interchangeable loading devices to meet the needs of its users (refrigerated transport, parcel delivery, etc.), with a loading capacity of 200 kg and up to 3 m3 about. It will above all be intended for last mile delivery.

Discover the first three models of Mobilize in video.

By car sharing or rental

Mobilize Duo, Bento and Hippo will be offered within Zity, the self-service carsharing service of the Renault group, recently rebaptisé « Zity by Mobilize ». This service has been available in Madrid since 2017, and in Paris and the Paris region since 2020. It currently has 1,250 electric vehicles (750 in Madrid and 500 in Paris) and more than 430,000 customers. It will be deployed in other cities during the year 2021.

Mobilize models will be also available at “Renault Mobility” rental agencies, renamed “Mobilize Share”. “Agency rentals range from 1 day to 1 month and, for specific needs, Mobilize Share also offers hourly rental of self-service vehicles, available 24/7. », Details Renault.

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