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a remote control car in traffic!

This remote control car fits into traffic like a big one. It must be said that it has some under the chassis and that its pilot manages it with a master’s hand.

Let’s start right away with the technical aspect. The “little” car you see there is an XR5 Racing Abarth. It has a 32 cc thermal engine of around 3.5 hp. 1/5 scalee, it still weighs 15 kg! A beautiful machine therefore. With numbers like that, it’s hard to see how fast she is. To give you an idea, with a weight / power ratio slightly above 4 kg / hp, this is the equivalent of a Megane RS. So she’s not here to laugh!

Two speeds!

That’s not all, it also has a real gearbox! Yes, yes, in such a small thing. This allows it to make cannon starts while maintaining a reasonable top speed. More than reasonable even, when you see how easily it manages to follow other cars in traffic!

Hat the artist

The “pilot” of this machine also has a great helping hand. Quietly seated in the vehicle behind, he drives his little car with ease, taking very wide turns, like a real car! Which is far from easy. Very sensitive, too sharp a movement on the control would send it straight under the wheels of a real car. Hat the artist. We hope this hilarious video brightened up your day as much as it did ours.

Check out the video of this remote control car in traffic below:

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