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Which engine to choose for your motorhome?

If you buy a motorhome, beyond the comfort and size, do not forget to neglect the engine of the vehicle. Here are our tips for choosing the right engine.

When you buy a motorhome, you often think of the general appearance of the vehicle, to comfort it offers and the space available inside. However, the engine is just as decisive because your comfort on the road depends on it. Who would want a large, well-appointed motorhome that does not advance on the road?

The engine, a criterion not to be neglected

When you have such a large vehicle, it is important to be able to move around easy way, fast, and especially safely.

With a motorhome you will encounter many difficult situations. Especially if you take country roads during your travel routes. You will therefore need an engine powerful enough to move smoothly. Especially on hills or to overtake. Engine power and torque are therefore very important here.

Here are a few things that might help you if you don’t know which engine to choose when making your purchase.

Which engine to choose?

In general, the advice concerning the motorization of a motorhome is toavoid choosing a power lower than 130 hp.

Indeed, with a weight often greater than 3 tonnes, such a vehicle is very heavy. It therefore needs a sufficiently powerful engine at the risk of seeing its journeys spoiled by too slow acceleration and very laborious climbs.

The ideal is therefore to aim 150 horsepower if you want to be comfortable on the road. See 180 horsepower if you are used to places with a steep drop.

About brands, it is not necessary to favor a particular manufacturer over another. There are interesting solutions from many manufacturers and remember that you must first prioritize your needs over choosing a major brand as a priority.

Finally, also remember to look at the consumption figures announced by the manufacturer, to avoid unpleasant surprises once on the road.

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