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a corolla takes off by hitting a Rav4!

A Rav4 cuts the road of a Toyota Corolla and causes a spectacular accident.

In Australia, in the city of Liverpool, an impressive accident recently took place. Two Toyota, a Corolla and a Rav4, are the two main actors. A motorist filmed the whole scene using his daschcam. As a reminder, dashcams are those cameras attached to the windshield that allow you to film the road.

When a Rav4 cuts the road to a Corolla

On the course extracted at our disposal, we can see a Toyota Rav4 dating from the early 2000s turn on its left after an intersection. But instead of staying in its lane, it encroaches slightly on the one next to it without accelerating. By doing this, it cuts the road of a Toyota Corollanoire arriving behind his back. The person behind the wheel of the wise sedan finds himself trapped and has nowhere to go.

She then collides with the compact SUV, which has the effect of making it take off and turn around. It then falls on the cars positioned in the opposite direction, which were wisely waiting to be able to restart. A Toyota Hilux is hit in the back while the car where the dashcam is located is hit hard.

Serious damage

No images show damaged vehicles. It is nevertheless specified that the occupants of the various cars escaped unscathed. Corolla and ‘camera car’ reportedly declared non-repairable, which testifies to the violence of the shock. The Rav4 without which this whole story would not have happened, should on the other hand be able to get back on the road after some repairs.

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