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at over 330 km / h in a Nissan GT-R!

This Nissan GT-R reaches the impressive speed of 333 km / on the Autobahn with amazing ease. But performing such an exercise requires constant attention!

As always with this kind of video, the action takes place on the German Autobahn. But if you can drive at any speed, remember that most drivers do not drive at high speed. When you are launched at twice the speed of other road users, you have to be extra careful!

Attention at all times

The key word is anticipation. A concept that this Nissan GT-R driver applies wonderfully! It must be so ! When you see the speed at which it overtakes some cars on the middle lane, they seem almost stationary. However, they very probably travel well over 100 km / h. The least we can say is that it takes strong nerves.

An overpowering mount!

The Nissan GT-R is already impressive from the factory. As standard, its V6 is around 500 hp and 600 Nm of torque to reach a top speed slightly above 300 km / h. It was obviously not enough for this driver who pushed the engine of his Japanese at 620 hp! This allows it to reach up to 333 km / h. Figures to say the least impressive, but which could be even more so the block of the GT-R is so robust!

Check out the video of this Nissan GT-R burst below:

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