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Man fast 40 days to get a Lamborghini

A man decides to fast 40 days and 40 nights in the mountains so that he can gift a Lamborghini to his girlfriend who dreams of models of the bull.

In Zimbabwe, a man named Mark Muradira wanted to get a Lamborghini. However, the car would not have been for him but for his girlfriend, big fan of the brand with the bull. But to achieve this, he did not take a conventional path and turned to God. This young leader of the Church of Risen Saints located in the city of Bindura therefore decided to fast for 40 days and 40 nights. At the end of this period, he hoped that God allow him to acquire one of the precious supercars. Many people also wish they could one day own an Aventador, a Huracan or an Urus. However, they can go so far as to deprive themselves of food just for an automobile, however exclusive and desirable it may be.

Precious friends

In order not to be tempted to eat during your fast, Mr. Muradira has resolved to go to the nearby mountains

where he would no longer have any contact with other humans. Luckily for him, friends worried about his health came to meet him and thus found it after 33 days. Mark Muradira was then rushed to the general hospital of Bundira where he was able to slowly recover from his ordeal, which was not crowned with success.

A fund that is ultimately very useful

His Lamborghini wish was apparently known to many within his circle of friends since a fundraiser had been launched to raise funds to make his dream come true. But, unsurprisingly, the sum was not sufficient. However, this money did not remain useless for a long time since it used to finance the care generated by his hospitalization.

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