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this Pontiac Trans-Am develops 1400 hp!

This Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am looks exactly like a model released in 1979. But under its hood sits an engine whose power is equivalent to that of a Bugatti Veyron!

From a distance, and even up close, it’s hard to think this Trans-Am has been completely modified. Everything looks original, from the paintwork to the magnificent golden details… It looks like it came straight out of the factory. In reality, however, its front and rear fenders are slightly wider than in 1979, and this is not the only detail that has been changed.

Small details

Two details betray its insane new level of performance. First, there are those super-wide tires to get all that power to the ground. The other detail that could betray the incredible power of this American: its rims. Very close to the original design, they are much larger to accommodate the new tires and brake system.

As powerful as a Veyron!

The real surprise of this Trans-Am is hidden under the hood. The original engine has been put aside to fit a brand new V8 with turbo the size of soccer balls installed! The power that this American bodybuilder develops is simply incredible: 1400 hp! All this cavalry is sent only to the rear wheels thanks to a manual gearbox!

Check out the video of this 1400 hp Trans-Am below:

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