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Dacia Duster (2021): the SUV restyled!

Dacia unveils its new Duster! Launched in 2017, the second generation of the SUV goes through the restyling box. On the menu: a new light signature, a larger touch screen and the return of the EDC automatic gearbox!

He was eagerly awaited, here he is! The new Duster made its first appearance at the start of summer 2021. Launched in 2017, the second generation of the famous adventurer passes today by the box restyling.

As expected, the novelties are not legion. We speak more of evolution than of revolution. Indeed, there is no question for Dacia to completely transform one of its bestsellers.

Evolution by small touches

On the outside, however, the SUV clearly gains in modernity and elegance thanks to a new Y-shaped light signature, like on the new Sandero. A signature that can also be found on the back. The Duster also displays more character via a new chrome grille with 3D effect. It is also the first Dacia model to have LED indicators (at the front) and to have a new body color called “Orange Arizona”

In addition, Dacia announces that it has particularly worked on its aerodynamics. The design of the new rear spoiler and the new 16- and 17-inch alloy rims were notably worked in the wind tunnel.

On board, we mainly find two new infotainment systems (Media Display and Media Nav) with a larger, 8-inch touchscreen tablet. New upholstery, new headrests and a higher center console with a wide 70mm sliding armrest are also featured. We also note that the design of the aerators has been revised for more modernity.

EDC automatic transmission return

On the other hand, it is almost the status quo under the hood. Still based on the same platform, the restyled Duster does not gain electrified blocks and therefore leaves with the same heat engines than its predecessor (Euro 6D Full). On the menu: TCe petrol units of 90 (4 × 2, BVM6), 130 (4 × 2, BVM6) and 150 hp (4 × 2 or 4 × 4, BVM6 or EDC6), Blue dCi diesel of 115 hp ( 4 × 2 or 4 × 4, BVM6), plus gasoline-LPG ECO-G 100 hp (4 × 2, BVM6). The Blue dCi 95 disappears from the catalog.

On the technical side, the main novelty actually comes from the dual clutch EDC automatic gearbox return. With 6 gears, it is associated with the TCE 150 petrol engine. The ECO-G 100 version has an LPG tank with a capacity increased by nearly 50%, ie 49.8 liters. Dacia thus evokes a range of 1,235 km!

Finally, with regard to driving aids, the restyled Duster can have, depending on the version, a blind spot detector, a reversing camera or even a cruise control with steering wheel controls.

What prices for the restyled Duster?

The restyled Duster will be available to order in France from July 5. It will be offered in 3 trim levels (Essential, Comfort, Prestige) instead of 4 previously. At launch, prices will start at 14 490 € in LPG version (ECO-G 100 BVM6 4 × 2 Essential), 16,990 € in diesel (Blue dCi 115 BVM6 4 × 2 Essential) and 18,850 € in gasoline (TCe 130 BVM6 4 × 2 Comfort). The 90 hp TCe engine is expected to be available at a later date.

The arrival at the concession is scheduled for September 2021.

Discover the restyled Duster in video.

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