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This steering wheel can be used in racing and in video games

The Fanatec specialist has unveiled a steering wheel that will be used in racing, and in your living room!

The world of car racing is advancing by leaps and bounds. So much so that the material used by “simracers” is more and more similar to that used by real racing drivers. But Fanatec, specialist in simracing, decided to push the plug a little further. The brand has developed a steering wheel that will be used in the race, but which is also compatible with the rest of its range of simulators !

A round screen in the middle

Fanatec has teamed up with Bentley to design the steering wheel for the Bentley Continental GT3 Pikes Peak, which will compete in the most famous of hill climb. And the steering wheel itself is quite peculiar. It takes the rectangular shape adopted by the majority of racing wheels, but hasa 3.4-inch circular screen in its middle. The pilots, virtual or real, will then be able to display a certain amount of information : telemetry, force feedback, car settings, and even a watch inspired by the one found in the production Bentley Continental.

For the rest, this steering wheel uses the codes of racing cars. Carbon fiber galore, many buttons and knobs, LEDs everywhere, and no less than 6 different pallets behind. What to promise very many features, both in the car and in your living room!

Pay attention to the price!

This flywheel is compatible with Fanatec’s current line of force feedback bases. There remains the question of price: Fanatec has not yet communicated anything on the subject. But taking into account the fact that this flywheel was developed for racing, that it is built in carbon, and that the most expensive flywheel in the current Fanatec range costs already 650 € (Porsche 911 GT3 R steering wheel replica), we can expect to see this collector Bentley steering wheel flirt with the € 1,000…

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