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prices are soaring this summer

Car rental prices are skyrocketing as summer approaches. A week’s rental costs on average 35% more than in 2019. How to explain such inflation?

Distrust if you plan to rent a car to go on vacation this summer: prices are likely to be salty. According to a study conducted by the car rental comparator Carigami and relayed by Le Parisien, a week’s rental between June 1 and August 31 costs on average € 352 in France, all models combined. This is 35% more than in 2019, before the health crisis.

Up to 87% increase!

The increase would even peak depending on the city in which you rent your vehicle. Count for example 87% increase in Figari, in Corsica, 81% in Biarritz (€ 464), 74% in Nice (€ 416), 42% in Nantes (€ 430) and 18% in Paris (€ 347). The trend is more reasonable in Toulon and Toulouse (+ 6%, respectively 300 and 295 €), in Marseille (+ 7%, 330 €) and in Lille (+ 9%, 259 €).

Fewer cars, more customers

How to explain such increases? This price surge would have its origin in the shortage of electronic components which has a considerable impact on the production of new cars and therefore on the supply of rental companies, who also sharply reduced their vehicle fleet during the health crisis. According to Carigami, the rental car fleet in France would thus have been reduced by around 40% compared to 2019.

Add to that the massive return of clients to the branch during summer vacation and following the lifting of restrictions related to Covid-19, and you get the following equation: low supply + high demand = soaring prices. CQFD.

In these conditions, a piece of advice: think about book as soon as possible or fall back to rental sites between individuals like OuiCar or Drivy, which recently became Getaround.

Sources: Carigami, Le Parisien

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