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830 hp V6 hybrid coupe!

After the SF90 Stradale in 2019, Ferrari unveils its second plug-in hybrid model. Its name: the 296 GTB, a small coupe equipped with a new V6 and strong 830 hp!

And two! As promised a few days ago, Ferrari has just unveiled its second plug-in hybrid series model. After the SF90 Stradale in 2019, here is la 296 GTB !

The first Ferrari on the road with a V6

Presented as a ” new mid-rear-engine berlinetta sport“, The car is a two-seater coupe entry level whose specificity is do not use a V8 or a V12, as is tradition with Ferrari (V8 4.0L twin-turbo 780 hp for the SF90 Stradale), but a … V6 3.0L turbo ! A first for the Italian brand.

It is simply “the first 6-cylinder in history for a road car bearing the Prancing Horse logo, ”confirms Ferrari.

830 hp, 1,470 kg and… 25 km of autonomy!

This V6 unit develops 663 hp and is associated with a single 167 hp electric motor positioned at the rear (220 hp for the SF90). The whole emerges a total power of 830 hp (740 Nm of torque). That’s 170 hp less than the SF90 Stradale but 150 hp more than the new McLaren Artura V6 plug-in hybrid.

Also equipped with 8-speed DCT dual-clutch transmission already present on the SF90 Stradale, Roma and other Portofino M, the 296 GTB promises performance of the first order. Especially since the introduction of the heavy hybrid system was compensated by a consequent lightening. Ferrari, which has resorted to light materials, announces in particular that its new V6 weighs 30 kg less than the V8 of the last equivalent productions. Thanks to this, the car displays a dry weight of only 1,470 kg.

Result, the electrified rocket swallows the 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9s and the 0 to 200 km / h in 7.3s with over 330 km / h at top speed. The maximum speed in zero emission mode capped at 135 km / h.

On the electrical side, it is a high voltage battery with a capacity of 7.45 kWh which is installed under the floor. The latter offers u25 km electric autonomy to the 296 GTB.

An electric “brake-by-wire” braking system with energy recovery and electric power steering complete the range.

A sleek and compact coupe

Design question, less surprises. The Ferrari leg is recognizable at first glance. The style is clean and elegant. The lines are fluid and dynamic. The 296 GTB draws its inspiration in particular from the 250 LM from 1963. Muscular fenders (with rear air intakes), visor roof, creeping arches and vertical rear window are part of the game. There is also a transparent engine compartment which showcases the V6 engine.

To avoid spoiling the performance elements blend wonderfully with the stylistic aspects. We think here in particular of the active spoiler of the rear bumper inspired by the LaFerrari.

All in compact proportions. With 4,56 m de long, with a 2.60m wheelbase (1.96m wide and 1.19m high), the 286 GTB is Ferrari’s most compact berlinetta of the last decade.

A sober and refined interior

Finally, on board, we find the spirit of the SF90 Stradale with a combined instrumentation, bringing together all the information, which “envelops” the driver. As standard, the passenger will also be entitled to his own screen, grafted in front of him at the junction of the dashboard and the glove box. The whole is rather sober and refined.

Like the SF90 Stradale, the 296 GTB is also available as an option as an Assetto Fiorano, intended to improve performance through weight reduction and aerodynamic modifications. Now all that remains is to know the price of the beast …

Discover the new Ferrari 296 GTB in video:

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