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Prior Design has reviewed the Fiat Multipla!

The German designers from Prior Design have given the car sometimes described as “ugliest in the world” the air of a competitor ready to panic the lap times!

Prior Design did it! After focusing on Golf GTIs and even the Dacia Logan, they give us an incredible rendering of the Fiat Multipla! After being reimagined by the crazy German designers, not sure that it still holds the palm of the ugliest car in the world. On the other hand, she could well compete for the one who has the most mouth!

A “complete” Multipla!

She is practically unrecognizable! Admittedly, we can still distinguish its small bead, its round lights and its large glass surfaces, but there is not much of the original left.. Bumpers, widened fenders, huge spoiler and even a roll bar give the impression that it is ready to panic lap times on the circuit!

A concept …

Unfortunately, we have to come back to reality. This body kit will probably never be marketed, unless a very wealthy Fiat Multipla owner asks for it. And since the qualifier “rich” does not rhyme at all with the Italian monovolume, these drawings will undoubtedly remain at the state of concept. But what a concept!

Discover the video of the creation of this Fiat Multipla below:

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