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Thousands of bees attack a BMW X1

A BMW X1 wisely parked in a parking lot was stormed by a swarm of bees. The images of the insects clustered on the SUV are impressive.

Success among BMW models, the X1 is a car that we come across regularly. A priori, not enough to arouse particular emotions, except for this swarm of bees.

Bees by the thousands

Reported by Manchester Evening News, this video shows a BMW X1 invaded by thousands of bees. They are found clumped together at the tailgate and rear window the Bavarian SUV which gradually turns into a makeshift beehive.

Taking place in a parking lot in front of office buildings, this event caused a small crowd of onlookers, astonished to see this “attack” of bees on poor X1. A passerby declares on the website: “There were a lot of people outside and the bees were quite up in the air at that time”. He pursues : “I think the queen landed on the car, then all the other bees followed. There were easily thousands ».

A future hive in formation

It happens regularly to see swarms looking for a new habitat, if the queen lands in one place, the whole colony then regroups around her. If this is impressive, it is safe as long as you don’t disturb them. Then just call a beekeeper who comes to collect them to take them to a more suitable hive.

Manchester Evening News does not indicate how long it took to evacuate all the bees but ensures that no one was hurt. We imagine the face of the owner of the BMW X1 when he sees his car covered with bees….

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