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Lexus freezes its LC convertible to prove its reliability

Lexus places its LC convertible in a cold room with the hood open for 12 hours. Result: frozen car but still functional.

Before their marketing, the cars go through a battery of tests. They then travel several hundred thousand, even millions, of kilometers in the most extreme climates of the planet. They test their heat resistance in places like Death Valley in the United States and will face negative temperatures in Norway or Finland.

A completely frosted idea

But Lexus went further. In order to prove that its vehicles are among the most resistant on the planet, the Japanese manufacturer has gone as far as freeze a copy of its LC. The convertible, however already marketed since 2019, has been placed in a cold room for 12 h in order to come out totally frozen. It seems logical to us to think that this experiment was carried out with the hood closed. But Lexus took the test to place in the cold his LC folded headgear

. Before the freezer unit was started up, the car was sprayed with water to create a thin layer of ice over the entire body.

Frozen but ready to roll

Once the 12 hours have passed, we discover an LC covered by frost that starts off with a quarter turn. The air conditioning comes on automatically and quickly provides a comfortable environment for the driver. Lexus then took the opportunity to perform some road tests without waiting for the discoverable LC to thaw. And unsurprisingly, everything went well and no fault was detected. It is not surprising then that Lexus appears regularly among the world’s most trusted brands.

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