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Used converted van: 10 mistakes to avoid

When you don’t know it, it’s hard to buy a used van or converted van. Fortunately, we have put together some tips for you!

Campervans and converted vans are popular! After a year 2020 spent locked up, who doesn’t dream of hitting the road and a big breath of fresh air?

But before you jump on the converted van of your dreams, there are a few precautions you should take. With prices around the 30 000 € on occasion, the purchase of a converted van or a van is not to be taken lightly. Fortunately, we have gathered you 10 common mistakes to avoid absolutely when you start.

Think carefully about the format you need

Before you fall for a converted van, take a good seat analyze your usage. Indeed, depending on it, your budget, your experience, and your tastes, you can turn to a van, a van, or even a larger or smaller motorhome. Find our guide to choosing the right size for your motorhome here.

Don’t buy when renting is enough

Same thing here. Study the frequency of use of the vehicle. If you are just starting out in this hobby, why not rent one for your next vacation, to better understand this universe? And if you don’t go that two or three weeks a year, buying makes little sense. Here are some tips on renting a motorhome.

VASP or not?

If you drive in a campervan, it must be VASP approved. This certification is expensive, especially if the van in question has been made to measure. Make sure it has been done correctly, otherwise you risk not not be compensated in the event of an accident. A gloomy prospect, given the constantly increasing value of these vehicles!

Do not neglect specialized sites

When looking for the van or converted van of your dreams, start with the usual classifieds sites like The good corner. But do not neglect the specialized sites, like the excellent Vanlife Market, which brings together vehicles and accessories. Also remember to take a ride on the specialized forums and the social network pages that bring together regulars. A good way to find that rare gem, but also to stock up on knowledge.

The “handmade”, at your own risk

Fit out your van yourself, it’s very fashionable. But if you want to buy the converted van by hand from an individual, stay on your toes. First, the level of layout and manufacturing quality is obviously very variable. Then there is this story of VASP mentioned above. In short, be careful. You turn to a van or a van fitted out by a pro remains much safer, even if it is often more expensive.

Focus on major utility brands

The reliability problems obviously arise for the vast majority of the carrier vehicles themselves. Before you start, find out about the frequent problems of each model, and favor safe values (Fiat Ducato, Volkswagen Transporter, etc.).

Don’t forget to peel the history

As with the purchase of a classic car, you must take the time to consult the maintenance history of the vehicle. Oil change, belt, revisions, small glitches, tires, brakes, everything must be there. Remember thespecific interview to these converted vans. Like the insulation, the electrical system or the shower and sanitary facilities.

Watch out for rust!

Another buying advice for classic cars which also applies to campervans and converted vans. But with a very large area and places that are difficult to access (roof, foundations), it can be particularly complicated to check everything. These vehicles often sleep outside, and are prone to internal rust problems due to humidity and home seepage. So be very vigilant, inside and out.

Remember to test all the equipment

If your campervan or van is rich in specific equipment, go around and check them one by one, take the time. But it is an essential step! Sink, shower, toilet, electrical installation, bed, heating, air conditioning, kitchen, be careful! To help you, you can do a list before you start.

Check the insulation

Here is a problem very specific to these vehicles: the insulation. Over time, she can lose its effectiveness, or be totally damaged. Along the walls, check the integrity of the reinforcements and signs of infiltration.

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