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Can a Bugatti Chiron beat a Formula 1?

Between one of the fastest production cars in the world and a Formula 1 single-seater driven by a former champion, which of the two will win?

YouTube channel Car Wow has just organized a duel at the top between a Bugatti Chiron and a Formula 1 (Red Bull Racing RB7), two cars radically different. The first is a comfortable supercar, equipped with a monstrous W16 engine fed by 4 turbos, developing 1,500 hp. The second is a single-seater all carbon, whose 2.4-liter V8 is capable of taking 18,000 rpm and which develops 760 hp.

Even if the Bugatti is much more powerful, it is also much heavier: almost 2 tons against around 650 kg. For this confrontation, the team brought in former driver David Coulthard, while the Bugatti is driven by its happy owner.

Long partnership

Organized on the track of an airport, the confrontation turns initially to the advantage of F1, whoseacceleration is better because of its low weight. However, over the kilometers, the Bugatti, equipped with a greater reach and capable of exceeding 400 km / h at peak speed, approaches the single-seater. Despite all the best will in the world, David Coulthard, penalized by its gearbox with short ratios, ended up being overtaken by the French sports car.

Although this duel compares the incomparable, it shows to what point the Bugatti is efficient compared to a car of the premier category of motorsport.

The video of this crazy drag race right here:

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