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these amazing 50s American options!

In the middle of the 20th century, American builders were having a great time hiding fuel caps or creating crazy equipment. And they were sometimes very ingenious!

In the 1950s, car manufacturers, and Americans in particular, tried to hide as much equipment as possible in order to make the car as simple as possible. The least we can say is that they had some great ideas! Where they mainly excelled was in their ingenuity in hiding tank hatches.

Much earlier than you think

But they also have other incredible ideas like automatic lights available on some Cadillac and Oldsmobile as early as 1952! Some options have surfaced much earlier than you might think. Like the automatic opening and closing trunk already present at Cadillac in 1957.

In the same vein, electric convertibles are very practical on current convertibles. But this option dates back to 1957 when Ford allowed some models to fall from the top without the driver having to touch the roof.

A little help all the same

They were also well helped by the legislation in place which required practically nothing in terms of safety … Airbags, for example, did not yet exist!

In order to hide the gear lever, the manufacturer Edsel, now defunct, then took the opportunity to install the buttons of his transmission directly in the center of the steering wheel. And there are still many other options that had their place in a car sold in 2021..

Discover all these crazy options in the video below:

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