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Why is the Clio the favorite car of the French?

The French preference for small models

The French are much more attracted by small vehicle models than by large models such as the Germans, for example. This preference is mainly explained by the taxation which is much more interesting. Indeed, owners of large cars find themselves paying up to 2000 euros more than owners of small cars. The ecological penalty for city cars like the Clio are also lower and therefore allow more savings.

The sporty design of the Clio

The Clio is very popular for the design it displays. Compared to other Renault car ranges, this one has an original design while preserving its simplicity. The Clio has a sporty appearance that would appeal to any motorsport enthusiast. Moreover, users of this city car confirm that they were above all won over by the timeless style of this car.

The engine of the Clio

The Clio offers 3 types of engine to meet your needs as well as your requirements. You have the choice between gasoline engine, diesel engine and hybrid engine. It depends on which version of Clio you choose. In any case, you benefit from perfect fuel economy, great versatility, maximum driving pleasure and above all high safety while driving.

The comfort of the interior

The interior of the Clio is also among the reasons why the French adore it. The sales figure of this city car is hugely successful thanks to the unrivaled comfort it offers both driver and passengers. Even if it is a small model, this vehicle allows everyone to find their well-being and to be at ease throughout the journeys to be made.

The image of the Clio

The French are used to buying a brand that they know and trust. Renault is one of the most popular automobile brands in the country not only because it is made in France, but also because it has already proven itself for many years. Renault’s fame has led consumers to appreciate the Clio more strongly. And this preference is noticeable as much in the field of new as in the field of second-hand. However, the used Renault Clio sells much more at a time when the rating has become a determining criterion in the purchase of a vehicle. Used Clios have a higher rating.


A young driver’s car

The Clio has been the darling of young drivers since its appearance on the market. And the enthusiasm of new drivers for this range has not stopped. Moreover, young drivers are among the main buyers of this range offered by the diamond brand. It is easy to drive the Clio, no matter what version it is. Its size, its gearbox and the ease with which you can handle this vehicle are its best assets.

The price of the Clio

The Clio offers an attractive price. Compared to other Renault ranges, this model even offers the most interesting value for money. Even more so if you buy it on occasion. However, to be sure you get the best price, it is best to compare the offers before the purchase. You can also buy your Renault Clio car from a reliable automotive company offering an attractive price and adapted to your budget, such as Hess Automobile.

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