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a study denounces their nuisances

The League for the Defense of Drivers has carried out an experiment around illegal speed bumps: these cause an increase in fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, discomfort and noise …

France is an expert in speed bumps : there are approximately 450.000 at national scale. A large part of them is however illegal, because their dimensions do not comply with the regulations on trapezoidal retarders of May 1994, exceeding 10 cm in height.

The Driver Defense League conducted a study, in collaboration with L’Automobile Magazine, the association Pour une Mobilité serene et durable, and l’Automobile-club des Avocats: two speed bumps were built on a test circuit located in the Essonne department ( 91). The first respects the legal dimensions with a height of 10 cm, a platform of 4 meters and a ramp of 1.40 meters long, while the second reproduces an illegal retarder, often encountered by motorists, which rises to 24 cm in height. high.

Illegal speed bumps: a real national problem

For this test, two vehicles were used: a Renault Clio and a Peugeot 3008, two models representative of the French car fleet. The result is clear: with an illegal retarder, the consumption jumped respectively 26% and 28%, when it is still + 10.5% and + 13% with a legal retarder. The CO emissions2 also follow, with an increase of 47 g and 50 g of CO2/km.

Beyond the environmental aspect, the association points the finger at material and bodily injury engendered. Comfort on board is greatly degraded, with shocks that can affect the backs of the occupants and be detrimental to their health, while the increase in noise generated has been measured from +2 to +3 decibels (dBA), i.e. double noise pollution! Added to this is the material damage and the noise generated by the height of this equipment: according to the League for the Defense of Drivers, a shield rubbed by a too high retarder eight-fold increase in noise pollution induced by illegal equipment.

The League for the Defense of Drivers is continuing its fight against illegal speed bumps: criminal proceedings were initiated against 150 municipalities and local authorities, and last February, the municipality of Saint-Jean-Le-Vieux, in the Ain, was ordered to destroy one of her illegal speed bumps.

Source: League for the Defense of Drivers

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