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A Bugatti Chiron gets hit, its bumper needs to be changed

Sad news for Bugatti Chiron lovers. A copy circulating in England was hit and will have to go through the workshop box.

An accident necessarily involves costs, more or less important. But when it comes to a Bugatti Chiron, the sums to pay to repair, are necessarily high. That thought must have passed through the mind of the person behind the wheel of this Chiron when a Jaguar crashed into it.

A cracked carbon bumper

This scene takes place in England, on a small road. The video is shot by people passing the stamped Chiron and the Jaguar parked just behind. If we do not know the circumstances of the accident, we can see that the rear bumper of the French supercar is badly damaged. Carbon fiber, like the rest of the body, the shield is cracked. Bad news for the insurer who will have to bear the repair costs.

The Jaguar as for it sees its front face also scarred with grille, bumper potentially damaged hood. It remains to be seen, for the two cars, if they have suffered damage that we cannot see on this short passage.

A Bugatti for rent for € 35,000 per day

According to the license plate, the Bugatti Chiron seems to belong to Lord Aleem, a famous English influencer. The star Youtuber, Aleem Iqbal, whose real name is, is the co-owner of Platinium Executive Travel (PET). It is a luxury car rental business that he runs with his father. The Bugatti is part of the prestigious rental fleet. It is possible to get behind the wheel against about € 35,000 per day.

A monster of power

The Bugatti Chiron is powered by a huge W16 8.0 quad-turbo of 1 500 ch and accelerates almost as hard as an F1. If you find the price of the daily rental exorbitant, know that a new model costs at least 3.2 million euros excluding taxes.

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