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a Ferrari F40 drifting in the dust!

A rare Ferrari F40 has fun drifting in the dirt and dust, letting us enjoy the sound of its V8 with the released exhaust.

The Ferrari F40 is an automotive myth that many dream of being able to approach. Unfortunately, most of the owners of this jewelry prefer to keep them warm in ultra secure parking lots. But not all are like that. Some people just think about having fun and getting the most out of their car, like that of this beautiful specimen of yellow color.

A lucky YouTuber

In a video du Youtubeur TheTFJJ, we can see the Italian supercar stretching its wheels on a track. But if this is just an oval of modest size, its particularity is to be a dirt road. Uncommon ground to enjoy a Ferrari, especially one as rare and precious as the F40.

Pebbles and an F40? Not even afraid !

The driver has a lot of fun and takes advantage of this low-grip terrain to make some drifts. He does not seem to fear possible holes or stones can damage the undercarriages or the bodywork

. This recreation allows us to enjoy some beautiful images that gives the F40 across in the dust.

A subtly modified F40

This model knows some modifications. We can see gray graphics covering the original paint, a GT-type rear spoiler, or a carbon diffuser and new rims. The exhaust is not original either. This new element frees the voice, already not particularly restrained of origin, of the Italian V8. The latter of a 2.9-liter displacement develops 478 hp thanks to two turbos blowing brutally. Driving the F40 is not easy, and on this dirt track, you have to have a lot of steering wheel to not lose control!

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