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a Toyota Supra breaks a glass with its exhaust!

YouTubers had the crazy idea of ​​wanting to break a wine glass thanks to a Toyota Supra Mk4 and its burning exhaust!

The Toyota Supra fourth generation (1994-1997) is known to all car enthusiasts. His aura has grown even more since his passage in the first part of the saga Fast & Furious. The channel’s youtubers Warped Perception have set their sights on the mythical Japanese in order to achieve an unusual experience: smash a wine glass with the power of the exhaust alone.

Mythic 2JZ

With its engine 6-cylinder twin-turbo 330 hp responding to the sweet name of 2JZ, it is one of the legends of the automobile. She is also a base very appreciated by many tuners more or less serious. Many Supra have undergone both aesthetic and mechanical preparations.

Minor modifications for major flames

For their video, the organizers chose a very little modified model. But for the sake of experience, they still had to reprogram the computer. This allowed them to configure a rev limiter in two stages. They explain : “We want the ignition to shut off and the exhaust to charge raw fuel, then the ignition to restart and ignite all that fuel in the exhaust “.

This little manipulation allows you to enjoy a series of bangs and evocative popopop. Impressive flames are also part of the game and come out of the generously sized exhaust pipe.

A glass shattered by the blast of the exhaust

After having firmly secured the wine glass on a base, the latter is placed just in front of the exhaust. The resonance makes it vibrate before a flame permanently shatters the balloon.

Here is an original way to break glasses during your next argument!

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