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A U-turn in a semi-trailer that doesn’t go as planned

A truck driver tries to turn around on the highway. Unfortunately, he finds himself stuck between the lanes in a stupid way.

When you’re on the highway, you’re used to seeing long lines of semi-trailers. It generally drives peacefully at 90 km / h in the right lane without. On the other hand, it is rather unusual to see them on a central reservation.

A stupid idea

Yet this is what happened to an optimistic driver who had the bright idea of ​​doing a half-turnr. The latter, in order to avoid a traffic jam, simply thought that it would be easier to cross the hilly and grassy strip of land separating the two directions of traffic. A situation possible only in North America where no barrier separates the two directions.

How to create a new plug?

Designed for cutting the road on long tapes of asphalt, the heavyweight is found, oh surprise, stuck with limited movements

. But this is not the most embarrassing. At the beginning of the video, the vehicles coming in front avoid the reckless without problem. But once it has entered one of the traffic lanes, a plug is then created in the other direction.

Not really the ideal solution

If we have all already thought of turning back on the highway when we missed its exit or just to avoid a traffic jam, here is the proof that it is definitely not a good idea. When the solution is ultimately worse than the problem encountered!

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